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Quilt Top Prep Checklist


  • Lay quilt down on a flat surface (the floor works just fine!) and check to make sure all borders are FLAT and don’t ripple or have waves. If borders do not lay flat, remove, measure and re-attach.


  • Trim all edges of your quilt top even and square.



  • Measure both sides, which should be equal. Then measure top and bottom, which should be equal. Then measure diagonally in both directions, which should be equal. Block if necessary.


  • Inspect quilt, checking for any seams that didn’t catch and are open. Repair these now.



  • Stay stitch at 1/8” around the outside edge of the entire quilt.


  • Press from the back of the quilt. If there are light fabrics in the quilt, trim ravelings as you go to keep them from showing through on the front. Trimming is NOT necessary on the back if you can’t see the threads through the fabric on the front. Correct any mis-pressed seams.



  • Press from the front of the quilt. Make sure to press out any tucks or folds at the seams. Clip any loose threads on the front as you go.


  • Fold loosely. Make sure and put your name, address and phone number on a piece of paper and include it with your quilt top.


For Step by Step Demonstrations see our YouTube Video by clicking on the link below.

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