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Welcome To "Santa, Baby..." Day TWO!

Santa, Baby...

slip Quilty Goodies under the tree for me
Been an awful good girl
Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight

So how does "Santa, Baby" work?   Each day we will have a new, EXQUISITE, GOTTA HAVE Sewing goodie under your Cotton Candy Christmas Tree.  These are not Stocking Stuffers...nay, nay...these are super special treats for YOU, my quilty friend!

Buy them for yourself, or send the email on to your spouse, mom, children, and let them be your Christmas Hero.

After it's listed, you have 24 hours to purchase that day's "Santa, Baby" Gift at it's UNBELIEVABLE PRICE!

The next day, a new Santa, Baby Gift will appear under the Cotton Candy Christmas Tree

These items are PRE-ORDER, so we'll take your order online, in store, or over the phone, then call you when they're in (or mail them out if you've ordered online). 

So, have you been a really good girl?

Let's find out!

Our Second of Twelve Santa Baby Specials

The Oliso Pro-Zone Iron in Limited Addition PINK
to Support Breast Cancer Research!

OK, here's my funny story for the day.   "Back in the day", my mom ironed EV-ERY-THING.  I kid you not.  If it came out of the dryer, she ironed it.   Every single time we went on vacation, we'd be about 30 miles from home, and she would look up at my Dad and say, "I don't think I unplugged the iron!"  GASP!   We'd turn around and head back to the house where we would find, indeed, the iron HAD been unplugged.   Not once did we ever find that iron on!

YOU won't have that problem with the Oliso Pro-Zone iron!   This iron is MADE for quilting, with a 30 minute extended shut off, and the magic "feet" that lift it up.  NEVER scorch your quilt.  As soon as you remove your hand, it lifts up away from the pressing surface protecting your pressing surface and your quilt!

MSRP for this wonderful iron:  $235.00

You MUST order by midnight December 2nd to get this price! 



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