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Cotton Candy Quilts Christmas Edition Gift Guide

Gift Guide 2015

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Ok, Pretty People!   I have searched the world over and found some AWESOME Christmas Gift Ideas for all your Quilty Friends...even if that means YOU!!!

Oh Santa, Baby...I've GOTTA have it!

The Super-Mondo 20 1/2" Square by Creative Grids



Remember all those times that you wished your regular Square was just 2" bigger?  NO MORE!   This will be an absolutely most-used item in your sewing room for squaring up large blocks and squaring the corners of your finished quilts in preparation for the binding.  

Rainbow Colored "Wonder Clips" 

I couldn't live without mine...could you?   NOW in beautiful Rainbow Colors.   Mark rows, hold binding, attach your pattern to your fabrics to keep it together...I bet you have more uses for this wonderful product!

The Quick Ripper

If you don't have one of these're working ENTIRELY too hard!    As we were having class the other day, one of my students leaned over and said..."WOW, it's good to see YOU ripping!"   We ALL's what we do!   Why not make it fast and easy?  

The Olfa ROTATING Rotary Mat

This 12" mat ROTATES on a center axis.   No more lifting your fabric up to move it around to cut from another direction, just spin the mat!   You don't lose your orientation or make bad cuts.    Ooooooooo.....SANTA!

The ZIRKEL *MAGIC* Magnetic Pin Cushion
$19.99  in PINK or BLACK

Absolutely my FAVORITE new toy!   Just throw the pins AT the thing, and they arrange themselves with the points IN and the heads OUT.   No more "ouchie fingers!"   THANKS, Jolly Fat Man!

The Omnigrid "FoldAway" Cutting Mat & Ironing Surface

What a wonderful thing to take to RETREAT!  This LARGE, PROFESSIONAL mat can be folded completely open, or can be folded so it "flips" from the cutting to the pressing side.   It has handles for ease of carrying.   It has a non-tip surface, due to the fact that BOTH sides of the mat/pressing surface have a hard backing, so when you're cutting, it's not moving.   Santa sez...this is the one you want!

Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Mary Ellen's "Best Press"
in a Variety of Scents!

At the shop, this is lovingly called "Quilter's Crack Cocaine", and yes, it's true...your loved one is BREAKING BAD.   Every seam is as flat and crisp as it can be, so those points stay put!

Bobbin Buddies and Peels

.39 cents each for the Buddies, .99 cents each for the Peels

Peels wrap around any size thread spool to keep those thread ends CORALLED.   I hate that tangled mess in my sewing room, don't you?   CURE IT with peels!  Bobbin Buddies hold the matching bobbin directly on the top of the correct thread!    No more searching for a "Blue Green" bobbin and getting the "Green Blue" one!
Know what she REALLY wants for Christmas?   She wants to FINISH those quilts!   (You know...that stack of just tops that's sitting there just waiting to be quilted?)   What better gift than a gift certificate for our

Then she can RENT our Nolting 24 Pro and get those quilts done in ONE day! 

Still haven't seen what she wants?   Stop by and let us help YOU find that JUST RIGHT present for your loved one.  





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